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The Crown Foundation is a worldwide effort to open a door of hope for people of all ages, training and equipping them to pursue their God-given purpose in life. The foundation continues to establish an array of effective educational services for both children and adults, ranging from reading programs, to trades and technology certifications, to higher education. The Crown Foundation team is a growing community of compassionate educators who are helping people every day, enabling them to discover what it means to live life by God's design. The foundation is advanced not only by dedicated workers, but also by contributors to the Crown Foundation which has been established to support ongoing development and expansion.


  • • Inspiring learners to put forth their best effort
  • • Believing in life by God’s design without apology
  • • Guiding in discovery of the world God has created
  • • Equipping with tools and skills to get the best job done
  • • Empowering parents and educators to influence the next generation


The mission of The Crown Foundation is to train and equip people to pursue their God-given purpose in life.


  • Pre-K - 12 Learning

  • A wide variety of learning services are provided with emphasis on the development of reading skills for children and math/science education for teens.
  • Higher Education

  • Centers of advanced training are located in the United States and around the world to enlist people in the cause of Christ, to train and equip them to continue in “the heritage of the servants of the Lord.”
  • Career Pathways

  • Educational opportunies are offered for adult and non‐traditional learners, providing them a pathway from the classroom to the workplace.

  • Family and Community Support

  • Educational services and resources to support families in their educational endeavors.
  • Educator Training

  • Educators are organized, equipped, and trained to continue the foundation in their own communities to impact the world one life at a time.

About the Founder

Dr. Clarence Sexton was born in 1949 in Selma, Alabama, and grew up in East Tennessee. The oldest of four children, his home life presented many challenges. His family often moved from place to place, creating a life that was very unsettled. He lived in nineteen different places before he entered the third grade. Eventually his mother was left with the responsibility to rear her children alone.

Compassionate people crossed his path and made a difference in his life. Teachers, coaches, and principals, along with others such as Sunday School teachers, choir leaders, and pastors, came alongside and helped to open a door of hope for him. They were used by the Lord to guide him in the discovery of God’s wonderful design for his life. Because others made a difference, Clarence Sexton has devoted his life to be used of God to make a difference in the lives of people. To learn more about Clarence Sexton’s life, click here.